Off-Topic Re: The Chickadees

Gerd Syllwasschy gsy at
Mon Sep 2 15:46:28 CEST 2002


> Shouldn't that be "she"? Or is this a name that can be male or female on two
> different languages, just like "Janne" (which is male in Swedish, female in
> Norwegian)?

I suppose you are referring to my name and not Mrs. Ramrod(d)'s? :-)

In German, "Gerd" is a purely male name (as most of the Italian soccer
fans on this list will know ;-)). The corresponding female form is

And to get just a bit more OT, I remember some twenty years ago there
was a (feminist) novel written by a Norwegian author called "Gerd
So-and-so" (don't remember her last name). When it was published in
Germany, they abbreviated her name on the cover as "G. So-and-so" in
order not to confuse readers ...


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