William Sinclair and the Argonauts

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> Oh, yes, there is no lack of historians claiming pre-Columbian European
> visitors to America.

Indeed, but who among these visitors was the *first* one? From what you
describe, William Sinclair is almost modern, while Jason goes back to the
age of myths.  I guess what fascinated me most about this was the mention
of Colchis being in America, with the unexpected associations with Barks'
story. Another example of history being stranger than fiction!

I don't know enough to argue with Dimos' arguments, but I would like to
point out that place names from the Mycenaean era are under dispute. For
many places mentioned in the Iliad there are at least two places in
Greece that lay claim to be that place, so it is by no means certain
where most of these places were.  I don't see why the same should not be
true for places mentioned in another story dating from Mycenaean times,
such as Colchis.

I will feel free, however, not to cut Dimos in on the loot when I claim my
inheritance as a direct descendant of Jason, though. [See our discussion
about Charlemagne!]

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