Colchis in Greek Myth

Dave Rawson DCRawson at PacBell.Net
Tue Sep 3 21:22:18 CEST 2002

Dim I Nticoudis <dimadick at> wrote, in part:

> The territory which Greeks called Colchis is now a part of the modern Republic of 
> Georgia.

In fact, when Pat McGreal and I wrote INDIANA JONES & THE GOLDEN FLEECE for Dark
Horse a number of years ago, our research led us to set the final resting place of
the fleece -- in the rugged Caucasus of Georgia. For the astute, they'll find we
retraced the voyage of the ancient Argonauts as Indy battles his way behind the enemy
lines in WWII just as the British are historically swept out Peloponnesus (reputed
site of Agamemnon's Mycenae) and into the sea. He's aided in his quest by a
strong-willed woman, Omphale (more grist for the knowledgeable). Part of the pay-off,
of course, is serpentephobic Indy encountering the biggest snake he's ever seen.

Frankly, I'd love to see the Iliad populated with Disney characters. Mickey as
Hector. Donald as Achilles. Scrooge as Agamemnon. Gladstone as Paris. Daisy as Helen.
Gyro as Ulysses. By jimminy, it's a cornerstone of Western culture and I think adults
would love it!

But that's just me. I also thought folks would love a 240-page comic book biography
of Leonardo da Vinci (which at least now exists).

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