Magica De Spell: Ten-cent Valentine

Gerd Syllwasschy gerd.syllwasschy at
Mon Sep 16 21:28:45 CEST 2002


> Why doesn't Donald recognize Magica (page 8, panel 4)?
> Great question.  I think the answer is simply that
> Barks goofed---he forgot to put her into a disguise.

"Goofed" may be a too strong word ... Magica had to be recognizable to
Donald's nephews and Scrooge in the following scene, maybe Barks just
couldn't spare the place for a quick-change stunt?!?

However, WDC 258 is arguably one of the weakest stories Barks ever did. Did
you notice that Magica's pose in the panel in question was clearly traced
from page 2, panel 3 in US 36 "The Midas Touch"? The same is true for
several other panels. One might suspect Barks was in quite a hurry when he
did WDC 258.


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