Stupid list from Forbes

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at
Mon Sep 23 15:27:40 CEST 2002

> First - when did Santa Claus get particularly rich?

Well, he's been making all those toys and giving them for free all these
years, so he *must* be rich.

Somehow, reducing such things to a matter of available cash, even if
infinite, sounds like sacrilege to me.

> Secondly - who the he.. is the two nobodys called "Richie Rich" and "Oliver
> 'Daddy' Warbucks". Are they some obscure modern US-characters created for
> today's kids?

Richie Rich is a comic book hero who is supposed to be an extremely
rich kid, and according to Don Markstein's toonopedia, he is anything
but obscure. (Even I had heard of him, having read a story or two.) I've
no idea who Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks" is.

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