Messing with hair colours?

Jaakko Pirinen jaakko.pirinen at
Wed Sep 25 19:22:00 CEST 2002

I just bought the newest 'Aku Ankka' with second part of the "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut" here in Finland and I'm quite confused. I know that in some countries Matilda's hair colour is brown and Hortensy's yellow (and this is what Don intended, if I'm not mistaken?), and in some countries including Finland it has always been counterwise. But with the first part of the Sharpie came a poster, and there the colours were (for the first time I've seen in Finland) right with Matilda's yellow hair and Hortensy's brown (was it coloured by Don himself, or in some country where they support the "right pattern"?). 
But that's not the thing that confused me most: in the actual story, Scrooge's _both_ sisters had brown hair (Hortense's hair being a bit darker). And now, in the second part of the very same story, colours are again "normal" (ie. Matilda has brown hair and Hortense yellow)!
Could anyone tell what's happening?


PS. And by the way, greetings to you all as this is my first post to the list, although I have been reading this for some time already :)
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