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Thu Sep 26 01:32:33 CEST 2002

Hello, all!

Surely noone is interested in this matter, but I totally agree with Steven
Rowe. Warren Kremer is, imho, a real Maestro in funny animals (and funny
men) art. His works with Baby Huey, Buzzy the Crow, Herman & Katnip,
Nightmare, Spooky, Stumbo the Giant, Hot Stuff and so on display a very high
quality and a very original style, sometimes much more interesting and rich
of personality than some Western Publishing (more celebrated) books.
The comics book art of this characters is very often better than the related
movies which inspired it; surely, Little Audrey's, Baby Huey's and Casper's
comics are far more interesting and well done and funny than the animated
shorts created for the theatres and later broadcasted on YV.

Maybe it's difficult to find such good comic books at the convetions or in
the comics shops (even I found some in Malibu, two years ago and some in
Time Square - NY), so for this reason many young funny animals fans are not
able to get 'em to compare with some (quite bad) comics published today.
The same for Howard Post's stories, quite funny and inspirational (for
instance) for my own job in cartooning.
Surely, the later Richie Rich and Casper comics were not exactly
"masterpieces". The successful explosion of low quality  Richie Rich's
titles, in the 70es, was a bad moment (even if highly profiteful for the
company) in Harvey's history, and the Richie Rich TV movies made in Japan
were as disgusting as - for example - the TV Archie's or the Little Lulu's
ones (not the theatrical ones, where also the Disney MAESTRO Bill Tytla

Is impossible to give Harvey titles the real dimension they deserve, in the
funny U.S. books universe, if not comparing 'em with (for example) "Fox &
Crow" at National DC, "Coo-Coo" and "Giggle" at ACG the late Felix by Otto
Messmer & Joe Oriolo, or Al Fago's crew creations like "Marmaduke Mouse".
Well, Charlton titles had a really low quality (but not all), and some of
the Archies.  

Luca Boschi 

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