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<<I must vigorously disagree with these prejudiced & unnecessary comments. 
in addition these views are in a minority. The Richie Rich character has
appeared in one of the most successful comics of all time.  He was
illustrated by very talented artists such as Ernie Colon & Warren Kremer.
The Harvey comics tended to appeal to younger children, not the 'mature'
audience that now is interested in Scrooge McDuck. Hence they tended to be
more light weight but nonetheless of high quality artwork.  Please direct
such scathing abuse to more worthy targets.>>

Hear, hear.  Richie had a great career and even appeared in more than his 
share of "Scrooge-like" adventures.  I write a column on Richie for the 
fanzine The Harveyville Fun Times! (THFT) and have been writing about 
Richie's adventurous past for a number of years.  Barks-level it wasn't, but 
it was certainly worthy of respect.

(BTW, who's "Melvin Martian"?)

Chris Barat

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