1943 proto-$crooge McDuck

H.W.Fluks@telecom.tno.nl H.W.Fluks at telecom.tno.nl
Thu Apr 10 13:43:04 CEST 2003


> It's mentioned in some Dutch Donald-Duck-jubilee-book

That's the (Dutch translation of) the book by Marcia Blitz,
"Het levensverhaal van een wereldberoemde eend".

This book is in Inducks as "LVWE 1" (Dutch translation),
and "DDMB 1" (original English, published in the USA by
Harmony Books in 1979 and in the UK by New English
Library in 1980).

I also own a German version of the book, but that
one is not in Inducks (yet).
This German version doesn't have the chapter about
"DD in WWII". 8-)


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