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Mon Dec 1 15:15:42 CET 2003


> Whole set of CBL was sold for $1,424.99 at ebay

As the starting bid was only $250, and the winning bid was not much higher 
than the original price of $1000, especially if you take inflation into 
account, I wonder if there is much demand for these sets. I can see why this 
would be so, as most, if not all of Barks stories have now been printed in 
other, easier to read formats, and in color, too. It's been ages since I last 
opened any of my sets. As for the articles, if I hadn't wanted to get my full 
money's worth from these sets, I doubt if I would have read more than a 
couple, and I certainly don't remember any of them. Reading about Barks' 
stories is nowhere near as exiting as reading the stories themselves!

The closing price of $1424.99 makes me wonder if it was the result of a long 
bidding session between Scrooge and Glomgold:
"$1424.98--THUD!" (Drops with exhaustion)
"$1424.99! Mine! Mine! Mine!"

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