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Simo Malinen malines24 at
Tue Dec 2 16:24:43 CET 2003

This is somehow non-Disney-comics related but,
The December edition of the Finnish Reader's Digest (Valitut Palat)
had a minor article about some unusual occupations, and among those
there's Mr. Jeffry Glanzer who's working with the giant statues carved
into rock at Mt. Rushmore.

In the article there's nothing related to Disney comics, but it was
Barks' 10-pager WDC 204 (statue of Senator Snoggin at Mt. Mushmore,
1957) where Donald Duck had a similar job. According to the text
Mr. Glanzer repairs cracks and the effects of whethering, but it
doesn't say if he also need to clean out ears or evict nesting birds
from the eyelids?

(Is there a nasty looking crack in Lincoln's forehead..?)

Funny though how close to the actual size (of the real statues) Barks
sized his statue.

- Simo

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