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Hi everyone!

I came across some previews of the Gemstone Disney comics for the next 2 or 3 
months. Maybe some of it will be news to you.

DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS #311 by Various Donald Duck tries to escape to a 
world with no TV, but finds the challenge worthy of any adventure on the tube! 
Then Mickey Mouse takes us back to the world of swords and sorcery in the first 
part of "The Return to Shambor," written by Pat and Carol McGreal! FC, 32pg 

MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS #260 by Various Noel Van Horn provides the cover and 
the accompanying Mickey Mouse story for this issue — "The Planet Muncher," a 
space adventure with the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance! Then Donald 
encounters typical problems when he tries to start his own business in "Mr. 
Fix-It!" FC, 32pg $2.95 

UNCLE SCROOGE #325 by Various Carl Barks' classic "Only a Poor Old Man" — the 
first full-length Uncle Scrooge adventure ever produced by the Old Duck Man — 
is reprinted in its entirety! Also featured is a new tale by Don Rosa, "The 
Beagle Boys vs. The Money Bin," in which Scrooge's arch-nemeses discover 
blueprints to the Bin! Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 64pg, FC $6.95 

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES #640 by Various In William Van Horn's "The 
Purloined Toys," Donald and the boys try to solve a crime spree in which 
someone is stealing all of Duckburg's Christmas toys in a post-holiday rampage! 
Also: A Gyro Gearloose short by Carl Barks, plus Mickey, Li'l Bad Wolf, and 
Grandma stories. Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 64pg, FC $6.95 

DONALD DUCK ADVENTURES VOLUME 4 TP by Various Three long Disney adventure 
stories: Donald Duck and Cousin Fethry star in "Blue Rain," the first of a series 
of adventures in which our heroes become agents of T.N.T., a secret 
organization dedicated to investigating the paranormal; Mickey Mouse stars in "The Road 
to Hoola-Hoopa," a jungle adventure featuring the plucky mouse hero; and 
Uncle Scrooge stars in "Another Day, Another Dollar," in which Donald bets his 
Uncle he can bankroll a single dollar into a million! SC, 5x7, 128pg, FC $7.95 

DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS #312 by Various Donald is outstanding in his new job 
of caregiver at the Duckburg Zoo in "Emergency Duck," written by Janet 
Gilbert. Mickey continues his sword-and-sorcery adventures in the second part of Pat 
and Carol McGreal's "Return to Shambor." And Donald and Jones are up to their 
old habits in "Kings of Chaos!" FC, 32pg $2.95 

MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS #261 by Various Noel Van Horn provides the cover and 
Mickey Mouse tale for this issue. "Surefoot Jones, the Detective," is a 
take-off on the classic Holmes/Watson stories, written by Don Markstein; Donald 
takes the kids on a camping misadventure in "Back to Nature"; and Morty and 
Ferdie star in their own soccer adventure, "The Riverside Rovers!" FC, 32pg $2.95 

UNCLE SCROOGE #326 by Various This issue features Carl Barks' classic "A 
Financial Fable," the Duck Man's legendary thesis on consumer economics, 
originally presented in WDC&S #126. Also featured is "Old Jack Island," a tale of 
swashbuckling pirate action by European master Marco Rota; and a classic William 
Van Horn story from DuckTales, "The Whistling Ghost." Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 
64pg, FC $6.95 

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #641 by Various This issue features "Eagle 
Savers," a Junior Woodchucks story originally written in the 1960's for Western 
Publishing by Duck Master, Carl Barks, now re-drawn for the new century by Daan 
Jippes! Also featured is a new William Van Horn "Donald Duck" 10- pager, 
"Duos and Don'ts," and a new Van Horn cover. Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 64pg, FC 

DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #313 In "The Lost Suburb," Donald proves he'll go 
anywhere to get the perfect gift for Daisy — even Atlantis! This issue also 
features Mickey in the first installment of "Showdown in Shambor," the third story in 
this epic fantasy/adventure. And Gyro Gearloose wraps up the book with 
"Lessons in Loafing." FC, 32pg $2.95 

MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #262 Mickey and Goofy star in the two-part adventure, 
"The Bermuda Triangle Amusement Park," in which they discover the secrets 
behind the mysterious disappearances in the 'Devil's Sea.' Morty and Ferdie also 
appear in "Touch-Line Terror," the second adventure of the Riverside Rovers 
soccer team! Donald is also featured in "Interactive Media." FC, 32pg $2.95 

UNCLE SCROOGE #327 This issue includes Carl Barks' classic "Chugwagon Derby," 
a re-telling of his own earlier "The Hard Loser," along with a reprinting of 
Don Rosa's classic "Curse of Nostrildamus," from his Gladstone years. Also in 
this issue are the Scrooge adventures "The Golden Throne Legend" and "Gall in 
the Family," plus a bonus Gyro Gearloose story! Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 
64pg, FC $6.95 

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #642 William Van Horn's latest Donald Duck 
ten-pager, "Higher Learning," leads this issue, along with two vintage Western 
Publishing stories featuring Li'l Bad Wolf and Bucky Bug! Plus: "X Marks the 
Earth," a Donald sci-fi adventure, and stories featuring Mickey and Goofy. 
Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 64pg, FC $6.95 

A few stories in the lineup that I've already read, but all in all, quite a 
few 'new' stories. I especially can't wait to read the Shambor stories.
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