DCML Digest Issue 3

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Wed Dec 3 07:06:15 CET 2003

> From: "KUR" <ggk at wp.pl>
> Subject: The Day wen Scrooge ern his first Dime
> In *The Last of Clan McDuck* it was shown theat Fergus was spay'ing on
> Scrooge whaile he was erning his first Dime. How do you think did he sow
> what happent : Theat Magica did give Scrooge the Dime not theat guy with
> dirty shues. I wonder what he was thinking wen he seen it.

I don't show Fergus actually seeing the moment when the dime was put into
$crooge's hand. Also, as I choose to interpret that story (since one can
play fast and loose with time travel and magic), since Magica's interference
in history ultimately changed nothing, her whole escapade "disappears" from
reality -- she was actually never truly involved at all.

> And in "Dream of Life Time" (I only sow dis Story once sow maby Im wrong)
> Fergus was in home while Scrooge were erning his First Dime.

That's because $crooge thought that's where his father was. Don't you
realize that the events seen in that story were all in $crooge's mind as he
perceived or imagined them? It was not reality.

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