Laurel & Hardy (NOT OT)

Frank Bubacz frankbubacz at
Fri Dec 5 16:25:05 CET 2003

Hi Eega!

>Was there an agreement between Disney and MGM about the use of
>the characters in the movie

Yup, Disney himself granted permission for the use of Mickey, the pigs, and 
their tune, which doesn't seem totally surprising, since he himself used 
caricatures of Stan and Ollie in some of his cartoons from the thirties (and 
at least "Mickey's Gala Premiere" predated "Toyland").

Of course, in 1961, Disney did his own version of the film, which is 
probably one of the reasons, apart from the terrifying bogeymen, why the L & 
H version faded into relative obscurity (and I still haven't seen it yet).

Interestingly, in 1939, Laurel approached Disney for a possible animation of 
the horse in the final scene of "The Flying Deuces", but, as you will guess 
correctly, if you have seen that film, without success. Another film 
featuring both L & H and Mickey is of course "Hollywood Party".


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