"Babe in Toyland"

Eta Beta eega at supereva.it
Thu Dec 11 22:02:19 CET 2003


>>> Of course, in 1961, Disney did his own version of the film
>> Never seen that. Did it feature the Pigs and Mickey as well ?
>Don't know about Mickey, but it does feature Tommy Sands as the hero, 
>Tom Piper, the fairy tale character who "stole a pig and away he runÖ"

Ah, thanks, that's a reference I had missed, and still cannot recognize.

Is that from Mother Goose tales perhaps ?

I had tried to figure it out myself, but couldn't come up with
anything better than a cross between a taller Tom Thumb and a
piperless Pied Piper of Hameln... :-)

However, now I can see how clever te plot trick of tying up 
together this character with the pignapping was... OF COURSE
he was the prime suspect... :-)

And I can't help quoting one of the best gags, the (fake) evidence
of the pignapping found at Tom's place and produced before
Old King Cole in the form of...

1 - A sailor's hat
2 - A fiddle
3 - A roll of sausages... :-)


Eta Beta

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