WDCS 638, cover

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Sat Dec 13 05:32:40 CET 2003


> Amazing. I don't remember all the colours by heart, but in the 
> Norwegian cover Donald was painting the dog-kennel red. Which means 
> that at least three colourings exist - and, should we believe this 
> statement in WDC 638 (which naturally we should unless someone can 
> prove it wrong), these colourings  are all made by Egmont.

	Gary Leach has, as you'll have noticed by now, himself proven the statement in WDC 638 wrong. The Egmont coloring credit in WDC&S 638 was an accident. The colorist of the Gemstone version was really Sue Daigle-Leach.
	So the number of Egmont colorings of the cover goes down to two. As you describe,

> Norway saw Donald painting the kennel red, Germany saw him paint the 
> same kennel green

	Now why should there even be *two* different Egmont colorings, you ask? Easy explanation. Egmont Creative A/S, the central creative studio in Copenhagen, produced the green-kennel version itself, which was sent out to all Egmont publishers and used by Germany without changes. 
	Norway's regional Egmont publisher, for reasons of its own, decided they preferred red, so recolored it that way themselves. That's just editorial prerogative. 
	Norway often does such recolorings. D 16217 (DC AA 2000-46), a Vicar cover, is one example that's rather obvious: the original Egmont background color was yellow, and in recoloring it blue, Norway left a patch of yellow by accident.


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