Question about Don Rosa's family tree

Don Rosa donrosa at
Tue Dec 16 14:14:27 CET 2003

Apparently people want to know how to categorize my Family Tree for indexes
(indices)? Though I've probably told this before, would it help to know how
it was created?
Originally I created the Duck Family Tree only using the three integral
Family Trees (McDuck, Duck and Coot) combined and showing how they were
connected. I finished this project and sent it in and carried on with the
next story.
Later (weeks? months? dunno.) the editor contacted me and said that some
Egmont branch publishers had seen the Tree and wanted Gyro and Daisy and
AM&J included. I wondered how this would be possible since these characters
were no relation to the others. (Yes, I'd like to think, for fun, that Daisy
is the brother of HD&L's long lost father... but that has yet to be
"revealed", if it ever will be, and that would have been *rather* confusing
to try to fit onto that main Tree, so forget that whole idea for now.) I
said that I could do that but only if they would be added off to one side
under a distinct listing of "Duck Friends" since they were definitely *not*
part of the Family Tree. So I drew 5 more portraits and sent them off.
Somebody at Egmont created that nice "hovering leaf cluster" out of pieces
of the tree edges I had drawn on the real Tree.
So. Is that one project or two?
The extra portraits existed long before the first time the Tree was
published anywhere, whether that publication included the sidebar or not.
Including the extras is up to the local editor.
During the 1970's I was (American) comic fandom's first and busiest index
creator for various major fanzines, composing indexes for many, many entire
comic series (including WDC&S) as well as TV series and movies and actors
before I'd ever seen anyone else do such extensive projects. But my indexing
days are over and I'm glad to leave this decision to others! It seems to me
that these Duck Friends sidebars are just like the extra pages I create for
a story that are supposed to be used when the story is printed in two parts.
Those pages are done as part of the main story and I often do them after I
complete the main story and send them in later, and those pages are used at
the discretion of editors. So, the two versions of my Family Tree should be
treated the same way as you treat the two versions that exist of all of my
long stories.
Does... uh... that help?

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