Question about Don Rosa's family tree

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Tue Dec 16 14:53:48 CET 2003

OLAF SOLSTRAND to me, 16-12-2003:

>>> Version without sidebar: Norwegian "Verdens Gang" of 1993-07-03

>> Is this an official publication? By Disney?

> This is a Norwegian newspaper. They published the entire tree over 
> two pages. I hated this, as I knew I would be collecting the entire 
> tree that same fall. Not fun to see it already in the summer then.

Huh??? You hated that you got the family tree *earlier* than you planned? 
Is that really what you meant? 

(Strange people, those Norwegians!) :-)

STEFAN PERSSON to HARRY FLUKS and me, 16-12-2003:

>>> In WDC 600, the version without sidebar was used (as you can see on COA).
>> No, I can't. I can only see that it has "changes". By just looking at COA, 
>> I cannot know if those changes are the very same as in other publications.
>> In other words: I got you here! (Didn't I?) :-)

> No, you did not: click on "Walt Disney's Comics (and Stories) 600" and 
> go down to the info about the tree: 
> Changes: sidebar with DA,AMJ,GY,HLP is missing

Apparently, you didn't get what I meant. Every editor can make changes. But 
even if the changes are basically the same as the changes made by another 
editor, they haven't independently made one new version. What they have 
made then, are *two* changed versions, which look more or less similar.

--- Daniël

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