Olaf's newspaper

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Thu Dec 18 05:46:41 CET 2003

OLAF SOLSTRAND to më, 18-12-2003:

>> You mean that someone *forced* you to look at that Family Tree 
>>  preview, in that [newspaper] article? :-)

>  Nah, but my eyes were already pinpointed on the newspaper because 
>  I was reading the article. And, as this was a newspaper and not a 
>  donaldist magazine, it's a sensation every time they print a 
>  donaldistic article. I then turned the page, and *bam* I had 
>  already seen it. All there was left to do was (don't take this 
>  literally) to "swallow it".

If you know exactly where on the locus cocus the seat of the memory 
is located, you only need to tap yourself there, and lo! You don't 
REMEMBER NOTHING since last November! That makes it possible to 
repeatedly see the same material for the first time, over and over 

You won't remember how to undo the trick, if you do it all by yourself, 
but that's another problem. :-)

--- Daniël, professor of encephalography

"I get it!... I'm DECEASED -- and what's running around here thinkin' 
it's ME is my GHOST!"  

This is me, looking in the mirror at 5:30 A.M. 
But very coincidentally, it's also a quote from the same Barks story
I've just been referring to. Which one? :-)

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