Gyro's First Invention

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Thu Dec 18 11:25:46 CET 2003


> I liked the idea of using Gyro to get Scrooge's money out, as using
> the toy-train would be a much too slow method.

I disagree, really... In "Christmas for Shacktown", Scrooge got nothing but 
what he deserved, didn't he? If there is a "bad guy" in "Christmas for 
Shacktown", it's Scrooge. And the bad guy should be punished, shouldn't he?

As we're getting close to Christmas, the name Scrooge makes me think of the 
Dickens character. Was Dickens' Scrooge a bad guy? Oh yes, sure he was. Did 
he get a punishment? No. But that is different, as "A Christmas Carol" is 
the story about how Ebenezer Scrooge _changes_. He's laughing and having 
fun in the end, throwing a great party for everybody. Our Scrooge throws a 
great party too - but he doesn't take part in it himself. He never wanted 
for the children in Shacktown to get a toy train. Money was everything that 
mattered to him, and the only reason he sponsored the christmas party was 
that as a reward for the nephews finding a way to get all his money back - 
and he never meant to give that much, either. He only cared for his money. 
He DESERVED the punishment he got - he didn't "lose" his money, but it will 
take him 272 years to get it back. Is Scrooge as a result of that a poor 
old man? No, with that toy train he can fetch out more money in an hour 
than a normal man earns in a year! Still, to get all his money back he had 
to wait 272 years. That was the punishment he got, and in sympathy with the 
children of Shacktown I can only say that I think he deserved it.

Besides, as both Carl Barks and Don Rosa (and many, many, many others) have 
said or shown: Scrooge has plenty of money in the bank! The banks refuse to 
take any more of his money, that is how rich he is! Don Rosa has also 
written a few places that the money in the bin is Scrooge's personal 
memories and the money he never uses - so why would losing this money 
result in his companies shutting down and Scrooge going bankrupt?

> Using the think-box to make Little Helper intelligent was another nice
> idea, and if I'm not mistaken, the think-box also worked on Gyro
> himself, making him even more brilliant than he was before his little
> accident.

Hm... that's almost a paradox. Personally, I think that a person smart 
enough to make a machine that makes himself smarter (accident or not) is 
smart enough as it is. :-)

> This
> makes me wonder that maybe it's not completely correct to say that
> Little Helper was his first success, but rather the think-box, as it was
> this invention that made the creation of the helper possible, and also
> most likely boosted Gyro's own intellect.

But the think box wasn't finished until later...

> Halvor
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Good to know!

Olaf the Blue

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