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>> I liked the idea of using Gyro to get Scrooge's money out, as using
>> the toy-train would be a much too slow method.

> I disagree, really... In "Christmas for Shacktown", Scrooge got
nothing but 
> what he deserved, didn't he? If there is a "bad guy" in "Christmas for

> Shacktown", it's Scrooge. And the bad guy should be punished,
shouldn't he?

I didn't say that Scrooge didn't deserve to be punished. He really did,
but later stories show that all his cash is intact, so it would be
logical that he got his money back some other way than using the
toy-train. Rosa's explanation of how this was done, works fine with me.

>> Using the think-box to make Little Helper intelligent was another
>> idea, and if I'm not mistaken, the think-box also worked on Gyro
>> himself, making him even more brilliant than he was before his little
>> accident.

> Hm... that's almost a paradox. Personally, I think that a person smart

> enough to make a machine that makes himself smarter (accident or not)
> smart enough as it is. :-)

Yes, Gyro would be very smart anyway, but I regard him as a real genius,
and it may have been an accident, but I like the idea that his invention
made him even smarter. As shown in the flashback in Rosa's story, his
early attempts making inventions weren't too clever.

>> This
>> makes me wonder that maybe it's not completely correct to say that
>> Little Helper was his first success, but rather the think-box, as it
>> this invention that made the creation of the helper possible, and
>> most likely boosted Gyro's own intellect.

> But the think box wasn't finished until later...

Yes, it wasn't finished until later. Don't know what more he had to do
with it before he regarded it as finished, but this early version of the
invention sure did work at this stage also. 


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