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Thu Dec 18 17:29:47 CET 2003


> >> [Don Rosa's family tree, D 11221]
> >> See:
> Can you also add the missing issue codes to the COA interface? At the 
> moment, there are no issues codes shown at all. They can only be 
> deciphered by looking at the URL.

Issue codes are mainly of interest for indexers (we invent them ourselves).
I think there's no need to bother the COA user with codes like that.

> > For practical reasons, we decided in 
> > Inducks to call the version with sidebar "original", and the other 
> > one "changed".
> If Rosa made two versions by himself, then this solution is highly 
> debatable. At least for me. 

The reason for that may be that you missed the debate that we Inducksers had about this subject. It was some time ago, on our "ddb" mailing list for Inducksers.

> > In WDC 600, the version without sidebar was used (as you 
> > can see on COA).
> No, I can't. I can only see that it has "changes". By just looking at COA, 
> I cannot know if those changes are the very same as in other publications.
> In other words: I got you here! (Didn't I?) :-)

No, you didn't.
It says "Changes: sidebar with DA,AMJ,GY,HLP is missing". And for every other reprint with the same "Changes" comment, those changes are the very same. Simple, isn't it?

> "takes"
> "mixes"
> "overdubs"

You completely lost me, here. I don't know what these technical terms mean.
But I also think I don't need to know.

> I can't work out a better system all by myself. At least not for 
> Inducks.

Neither could I, in the past 10 years. And currently I don't want to, either.
Inducks has some minor flaws for people who want *very* exact information about Barks or Rosa creations. I can live with that.


> (Yes, I'd like to think, for fun, that Daisy
> is the [sister] of HD&L's long lost father... but [..]
> forget that whole idea for now.)

That's not fair... how can we forget such a remarkable remark?

> So I drew 5 more portraits and sent them off.
> Somebody at Egmont created that nice "hovering leaf cluster" out of pieces
> of the tree edges I had drawn on the real Tree.

This information was new to me. (But it doesn't change anything, Inducks-wise.)

> It seems to me
> that these Duck Friends sidebars are just like the extra pages I create for
> a story that are supposed to be used when the story is printed in two parts.
> Those pages are done as part of the main story and I often do them after I
> complete the main story and send them in later, and those pages are used at
> the discretion of editors. So, the two versions of my Family Tree should be
> treated the same way as you treat the two versions that exist of all of my
> long stories.

We decided to treat them differently (in Inducks). In the case of the 3-part stories, both versions contain artwork that is not in the other version. In the case of the family tree, one version simply contains less artwork than the other.


> Isn't there any website which collects the information that you give 
> about your work? I knew you have explained the creation of the family 
> tree before, but I didn't know where to find it.

It's still on our DCML webpages:

I started this project years ago, but stopped updating this page. Don gave us *so* much information that I failed to keep up!


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