Question about Don Rosa's family tree

Ari Seppi ari.seppi at
Thu Dec 18 22:10:40 CET 2003

> >>> Can you also add the missing issue codes to the COA interface?
> >> I think there's no need to bother the COA user with
> >> codes like that.
> > I *am* a COA user, and I *want* to be bothered with it.
>I think that's because you are not only a COA user, but also an indexer. 
>Or is there another reason that a COA user would want to know the internal 
>codes that were meant for indexers only?

I kind of agree with Harry. Even as an indexer I've only needed issue
codes on the page listing all the publications in one country. And if
you need the issue code you can find it from the link URL. On the
other hand adding new information can confuse a newbie user.

Ari Seppi (ari.seppi at

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