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Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Fri Dec 19 12:57:54 CET 2003

HARRY FLUKS to me, 19-12-2003:

>> But there we go again, discussing discussions again. It happens too 
>> often when I publicly try to discuss Inducks matters.

> Then ignore my opinion for a moment, at let's see what others 
> (non-Inducks people) think about the subjects that you raised.

I'd be very surprised if it interests anyone. Inducks-people or 
non-Inducks people. I've been spending hours to write those emails, 
and so far no one commented to the ideas themselves. Not even to ask 
what I meant. I could have made my own Barks database twice as big, 
twice as good, and twice as structured, if I wouldn't have wasted 
my time with emails like these.

And what am I writing them for? And why?

As long as you're willing to help me create and design my own database 
system, I'm as happy as can be. And so, I'll concentrate on that.

--- Daniël

"Boy! Do we need lessons on how to keep our noses out of other people's 
business!"  Which Barks story? :-)

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