Re: Roy Disney / Daniël's Quiz & Site

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Fri Dec 19 17:33:48 CET 2003

Hello everyone!

No time to read this past week. Hee's trying to catch up...


>>> Walt's nephew Roy Disney has launched a website devoted to discussion
>>> about the fututure of The Walt Disney Company:

Mighty interesting. Thanks for the link! A chance to write Roy himself.
Guess what I'm going to suggest? ;)

Scrooge through Barks through Daniël:
>>>"I get it!... I'm DECEASED -- and what's running around here thinkin'
>>>it's ME is my GHOST!"

Very very easy, but when you haven't been able to guess the answer to a quiz
for days, you'll jump to answer anything easy :b :
"House of  Haunts" (U$ 63, May '66) , p 12 panel 7
I'll have to read it again.
Oh darn, Timo's answered it already. Let's say I don't remember seeing any
answer. ;)

>>>It happens too often that I turn on my computer to do some consistent
>>>working on my website

I don't remember having an address to a web site of  yours. Could you link
to it, please?


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