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Sat Dec 20 12:33:40 CET 2003

Hi all! 

Unfortunately this list doesn't give out the exact sales numbers, just ranks. 
I'll post it again when I can find those numbers.

196. Donald Duck and Friends 310 
199. Mickey Mouse and Friends 259
202. Uncle Scrooge 324
203. Walt Disney's Christmas Parade 1
214. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 639

DDA 2 wasn't in the Top 50 graphic novels(though that's not unexpected since 
it came out in October). Christmas Parade did better than I thought it would.

Plus, plus!!!!!!!! Gemstone Publishing makes up 0.81% of the market in dollar 
share and 0.53% in volume share. Watch out Viz, your anime won't be able to 
take the Donald Duck&co. heat!! ;)

Derek Smith
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