Please Gladstone/Gemstone, not again...

Jonathan H. Gray jongraywb at
Mon Dec 22 06:06:10 CET 2003

I can't speak on this without HIGHLY AGREEING. I dont exactly have the 
paycheck to pay 7 a month for two books and when I pay that I'd at least not 
to see half the book full of reprints. If you guys ARE gonna choose 
reprints, can we at least not see something that was reprinted during the 
last run? I know that I heard somewhere that Back To The Klondike was 
already slated for re-reprint, and thats just silly to be kinda blunt and 
honest about it. :P

You can only read The Menehune Mystery without it getting old. :P Any chance 
we can see some of the later Barks material instead? You know, the stuff 
that HASNT seen a reprint in years? And by years I dont mean last seen 
during the Disney and Gladstone runs. For instance we've NEVER seen treasure 
Of marco Polo (I think thats the name of the story) reprinted 
since...well....ever. Stuff like that would be nice. -___-

And I'm also sorry - but I'd like to see the remaining Gottfredson work that 
has never even seen sight in a Disney comic book. :P I know all of it isnt 
exactly reprintable anymore but come on guys?

>And what about Gottfredson? And what about rare Taliaferro stuff, which
>has never been reprinted before? Just to name two other classic artists.
>In those prestige comics I would like to see material that I am
>*searching* for, or material that's new and fresh. Not those overused
>"classics" which are lying on almost everybody's shelves, all coming
>from the same retouched/redrawn reprint source.

Couldnt agree more. Just my two cents...

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