Gary Leach bangfish at
Mon Dec 22 14:52:28 CET 2003


On the whole, I wouldn't argue with what's been said in the past couple 
of digests about Gemstone's reprintings.  (Except about going to e-Bay 
- I don't remotely agree with that reasoning.) I know why we've done 
some of these seeming repetitive repetitions, and wouldn't argue the 
reasons, but we are very conscious of wanting to avoid overuse as much 
as we can. In the past two weeks we've been setting up the contents of 
the next several months of issues (starting with the ones shipping in 
May '04), and I believe we've come up with some nice mixes that will 
include some of the "lesser seen" Barks.

As to the print quality of some of the Barks we have reprinted, I would 
like to see that improve, too. We're working on it…and not entirely 
alone, either. If all goes well, this next year may well bring about 
some significant developments concerning the entire Barks canon.


Sorry you don't care for DDA. That's pretty much my show, and along 
with lettering and color touch-ups, I spend a great deal of time 
filling plot holes - as they come across in English, anyway - in many 
of the original scripts. And the covers - boy, I wish I could claim I 
color those!


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