Gladstone/Gemstone not again..... rodney-selfhelpbikeco at
Mon Dec 22 15:55:10 CET 2003

>I think those prestige format comics should contain rarities, like 
>*facsimiles* of Barks stories that have never been reprinted in their 
>original form. That way, I even would have been glad to see this 'Only 
>a Poor Old Man' tale again.

What about everyone else?  According to the letter columns, there are people reading these new books that have never read a Disney comic book before.  Should they be deprived of reading this story because long-time fans have several copies of it?  In my area, at least, back issues of Disney books are tough to find and this may be the only chance for them to see this story.

>And what about Gottfredson? And what about rare Taliaferro stuff, >which 
>has never been reprinted before? Just to name two other classic >artists.

Gary Leach has spoken on this subject before.  Gemstone does not have a license to reprint newspaper strips yet.


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