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Mon Dec 22 21:26:24 CET 2003

Howdy everyone,


I've received an early Christmas present of an old hard cover Donald Duck
book that I would like to learn more about.  I've had a quick look through
COA but cannot find it there.  It features the long beak style Donald with 4
buttons on his sailor suit.  The title of the book is "The Donald Duck Book"
and inside the front cover it says published by Birn Brothers Ltd in England
via arrangement Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd.  No date given.  Excluding the
rigid cardboard covers it is 47 pages and features mostly stories with
illustrations.  There are a couple of comic strips as well.  Characters
include most early Disney cartoon characters.  The full colour cover art
features Donald holding a book with the title "Wisequacks by Donald Duck".
The first three stories are titled "The Beginning" (8 pages), "The Unlucky
Highwayman" (Looks like a Porky Pig type character), "Ode to Donald Duck by
Minnie Mouse" (a poem).  Sorry for the lack of detailed info on the rest of
the book, I haven't even had time to read it myself yet.


If anyone has any info on this publication I would be very interested.
Unfortunately I will be away on holiday between now and Jan 19 so I will not
be able to answer any questions until then.  Wishing everyone all the best
for the New Year.


Shaun Craill

(28 degrees C in Auckland and looking forward to a month on the beach in the


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