Question about Don Rosa's family tree

mateusz lis lis- at
Wed Dec 24 09:49:05 CET 2003

Stefan wrote:
> What a strange version!  The extra characters are not even drawn by
> Rosa.  Was he in any way involved in the addition of them to the tree,

As far as I know - no he wasn't. He was also very suprised when I told him
about this fact few months ago.

> or were the Polish editors (or editors in some other country) solely
> responsible for these changes?  Was this version published in any other
> country?  Western Europe seems to have got the standard versions (with
> and without the sidebar) only, but what about other Eastern European
> countries?

Sorry, I have no contact in these countries.

By the way, Merry Christmas "to everyone who celebrates it!" *. And I wish
all of you Happy New Year full of Disney comics, with reprints of rare
stories and new hot stuff!

Mateusz Lis

*) Kai Saarto, DCML digest, Vol 1 #1195, 24th December 2002

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