DCML spam filter

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Wed Dec 24 16:10:26 CET 2003

STEFAN PERSON to MGS.SRS, 24-12-2003:
>> I have just installed VetoMail an anti spam filtering tool. 
>> VetoMail is free to evaluate for 30 days.

> Doesn't DCML have some kind of spam filter?

As far as I know, DCML only accepts incoming messages from known email 
addresses, the ones that have been filled in by the subscribers. If 
you use another email address than the one known at DCML, your email 
will be bounced. This has been done to keep out spammers. And it works 
pretty good, I must say.

But I guess that one subscriber has installed an "anti spam filtering 
tool" that sends out spam messages to people. As the subscriber's email 
address is trusted by DCML, these messages will not be filtered.

I think that this "filtering tool" uses the list of trusted non-spam 
addresses that the user apparently needs to fill in, to divide spam 
emails from real emails. This means that, if you fill in DCML as 
trusted address, DCML will receive one or more spam messages from you.

In other words, VetoMail operates like a Trojan horse.

--- Daniël

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