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Wed Dec 24 22:08:51 CET 2003

David (Gerstein?) wrote:

But now it's time to relax totally and enjoy some Yuletide ducks... be they 
our fictional favorites or the roasting variety... yum, yum!
    (Yikes, I hope nobody brands me a heretic! Just like a Mouse fan to eat 
roast duck, huh?)

You evil, evil man! ;)

Speaking of Barks reprints, I can came across a reprint of Hard Loser in WDC&
S 551. So I decided not to read that story so it'll be new to me in the 
upcoming Gemstone issue.

I came across a Chip n' Dale story called "If It Looks Like A Duck" with art 
by Al Hubbard. Originally published in Chip n' Dale 5 March 1956 (reprinted 
WDC&S 593). In the one pager, the chipmunks call the duck Donna Duck. And yet 
'she' looks exactly like Donald Duck with no alterations whatsoever. Was this 
some kind of misprint? Did Donna Duck show up in many stories?

Anyway, I hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas and that the day finds you well. 

Derek Smith
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