HDL & "The Little Rascals"?

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Sat Dec 27 18:43:30 CET 2003

> The latest issue of WDC&S (released on 12/24) featured yet another HUEY, 
> DEWEY, AND LOUIE story (by Halas and Millet) with the same cast of "wee 
> pals" who populated the previous ish's "Troubled Trackers."  Is this some 
> sort of long-standing, ongoing series?  If so, then how many of these 
> "Little Rascals"-type tales exist?

Yes, this is a long-standing, ongoing series. Its first story, "The I-Team" 
(D 99094), first published September 1999, shows Huey, Dewey and Louie 
trying to solve a prize contest online, where they can win a new computer. 
The contest requires them to go looking for answers all over Duckburg, and 
on their way they meet their friends, all trying to find the same answers. 
They decide to help each other on their way, and together they win the 
contest. They decide to make a club, and build their headquarters in the 
tower of an old, shut down airport. Their second story shows them creating 
CLINT (their artificial intelligence) and getting a special friendship with 
Little Helper - both Little Helper and CLINT have been important members of 
the I-Team since that.

As far as I know, these are all the (published) I-Team stories so far:
-- D 99094 - "The I-Team"
-- D 99103 - "CLINT"
-- D 99166 - "Virtual Yarns"
-- D 99223 - "Hologram Horrors"
-- D 99230 - "Electronic Fan Mail"
-- D 99262 - "Bionic Benny"
-- D 2001-154 - Title not in INDUCKS, Norwegian/Danish title can be 
translated to "The Great Zorgon"
-- D 2000-017 - Troubled trackers
-- D 2000-068 - Cup Fever
-- D 2001-098 - Title not in INDUCKS, story is about slingshots and saving 
a space station

The members of the I-Team are: Huey, Dewey, Louie, P.C. (the catfaced girl, 
her father is a comicbook writer/artist), Benny (the owlfaced geek, knows 
all there is to know about computers), Mack (leather jacket, sporty, his 
grandfather used to run the airport where the I-Team is located), Clint 
(the artificial intelligence living in the I-Team computer, not as 
intelligent as the I-Team hoped when creating him, but a great friend) and 
Little Helper (Gyro's, a good friend of Clint).

Olaf the Blue

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