Three quotes left (Re: Barks quiz - Twelve quotes of Christmas) / Harry's spam

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sun Dec 28 17:17:12 CET 2003

On 27-12-2003, Claudio Eckert discovered one of the remaining quotes of 
the Barks Christmas Quote Quiz. Here are the remaining three quotes.

 2. "It's a shame to spend our Christmas savings, but what else can we 
    do in a case like this?" 
    (Picture shows a piggy bank.)

 6. "Here is the deed - all filled out! Sign it on the dotted line!"

 7. "If I can keep anything BAD from happening to it, I may get a 
    four-dollar bonus for Christmas!" 
    (Page shows a Disney character with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.)

HARRY FLUKS to me, 24-12-2003:

>> Nowadays, only 10 percent of my email is really intended for me...

> Is that figure including or excluding DCML mails? 8-)

Excluding the DCML emails. Otherwise I'd have to admit that NO ONE 
ever emails me... (Sob! Sob!) :-)

--- Daniël

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