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Mats Rune Gullikstad marugu171 at
Sun Dec 28 22:44:14 CET 2003


I can't wait seeing that article!
It's strange - a model made on a writing-desk in a bedroom with toy-tools 
and bad materials is published in America's number one comic book!!! (And I 
don't even live in America!)
UNCLE $CROOGE!!! Unbelievable.

My friends says that I've got leisure-problems because It's nearly a year 
since I started building that model (yes, it IS sick), but it has become a 
cool decoration (and a great table!).
(Today I made the #1 pidestal, by the way.)

Happy new year to all DCML-folks!!


Last ned nye MSN Messenger 6.1 gratis 
- Den raskeste veien mellom deg og dine venner

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