Carl Barks Library

Rob Klein bi442 at
Thu Feb 6 01:35:01 CET 2003

Sorry, I can't help with Volume V; but, for anyone trying to complete their 
hardbound "Carl Barks Library", I have an extra copy of Volume IX.  It is 
literally, in absolute mint condition - still packed in its Another Rainbow 
shipping box with padding.  It has never been opened.  I will be willing to 
provide it to any DCML member who wants it for my original cost (and shipping 
cost). I am in no hurry to get rid of it, and can wait until a DCML member 
wants it (even if it takes 5 years). If you live anywhere in Holland, Belgium, 
Germany, Luxembourg, western Austria, Denmark, southern Sweden, southern Norway 
or Northern France, Winnipeg, Manitoba or Los Angeles, California, I will 
likely be able to hand deliver it to you. (I might also consider delivering to 
the reamainder of Austria, Switzerland, and possibly, even Italy (especially if 
I've started to sell stories to Disney Italia, by then).


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