DuckTales & Barks one more time

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Thu Feb 6 12:57:33 CET 2003

>  1st season from 1987-1988
> DT  18    The Status Seeker [xref:W US   41-02(adaption)]
> DT  33    The Golden Fleecing [xref:W US   12-02(adaption)]
> DT  38    Once Upon a Dime [adapted from different Barks' stories]
> DT  42    Microducks from Outer Space [xref:W US   65-01(adaption)]
> DT  43    Robot Robbers [xref:W US   58-02(adaption)]
> DT  45    The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan [xref:W US   14-02(adaption)]
> DT  54    Earthquack [xref:W US   13-02(adaption)]
> DT  56    Scrooge's Pet [xref:W US    9-02(adaption)]
> DT  58    Back to the Klondike [xref:W OS  456-02(adaption)]

So I haven't seen only Earthquack yet.

>  2nd season from 1989-1990
> DT  96    The Land of Tra-la-la [xref:W US    6-02(adaption)]

And "Liquid Assets"? Isn't it an adaptation of "Only a Poor Old Man"? I
haven't read the story, but I've seen Don Rosa cover.

> Inducks also is refers to the website
> -
> there you find short descriptions of the stories, but no info about Barks.
> There was also a full (printed) index of DuckTales episodes in
> the fanzine "The Duckburg Times", if I remember well.

Thanks, I have small section about DuckTales on my site:

> > P.S. Two weeks ago I've downloaded "DuckTales the movie". Was
> > this film based on any of Barks' stories?
> No, not as far as I know.

Do you know that Merlock - the evil magician from this movie, appeared in
the game "Donald Duck Quack Attack"!? (BTW: this game is dedicated to Carl


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