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Fri Feb 7 00:32:53 CET 2003

Hi, guys!!!

First, i was very surprised by Don's comment about Ludwig von drake. 
This was the first time i heard that barks didn't like the character.(and 
it also means that barks fans shouldn't consider him as Matilda's husband, 
but let's not speak about that anymore...)

Then, i have news of Picsou MAGAZINE. Once again, the new issue (#373), is 
what they call a *new formula*... This time, they changed the paper too! i 
like the cover gloss paper very much, it looks like french teenagers' magazines,
 and looks very attractive, but i don't like the paper they use for the pages, a
 kind of gloss paper too (i don't know if it's the exact term, i think it's the 
type of paper they use for the german mickey mouse magazine, i think), i prefered 
the classic paper. The colors are still uglY and not apropriated. there is no more 
"readers" section. I'm not a fan of this kind of sections, but it could be very 
interresting, sometimes..
The taliaferro strips are now all on the same pages, and are given individual 
There is a new one-page section called "le clairon de donaldville", with informations
 about the disney comics universe (this issue show an interresting article about 
hugo pratt, and a wdc issue hidden in one of his stories).
They also publish again new stories that are not drawn by Don rosa.
now, there hopefully isn't anymore jokes sections, but jokes are written vertically on the
 side of each page, i think it's a funny solution ... for people who still like these silly

about the stories published in it :

*Don rosa's family tree (i think it's the fourth or fifth time in france)
*D 2001-006, by ignasi Calvet Esteban (new logo : daisy et ses nièces)
*D 2000-190, by Kari Korhonen
*wdc 289 and wdc 219, both by barks,
*D 93228, by Don rosa (lo$#11), together with an article by Don rosa (i don't know the 
source, but it would be interesting to check if it hasn't been "stolen" from some of our
 pages, in it, don rosa explains why he first didn't want to include the facts of the story
 with bombie)
In this publication, bombie's hair is white, so i'm asking a question to don rosa : in the 
two first publications of your story in france, in the illustrations, and in barks' story,
 his hair is black; in all of the publications, scrooge says that it's a *white* sponge (althought the pictures shows it black or brown)... so, is the hair intended to be black
or white? (makes me think about mickael Jackson :-))
*and surprise... Gyro's first invention, by Don rosa. too bad the colors are ugly. The story
 is great! congratulations, unca'keno!!! Some observations about the french translation : Shacktown, althought it had been called shacktown or pauvreville (poorville) in french translations of barks' story, is here called "bidonville". Helper is not called Filament, 
but Assistant, the french word for the noun *helper*.

Another question to Don : On panel 2, Huey, dewey and louie tell that gyro has had his 
job for 51 yrs... what is the exact number in the original script, and how does Don 
Rosa you explain this? (according to your theory, it cannot be true).

finally, i forgot to tell you that the new formula has an edge, and don's new story's
 title is written on it which, i hope, means that Don Rosa is getting more importance 
in PM that he had before...

Gilles Maurice

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