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>>>>> >this issue show an interresting article about hugo pratt, and a wdc issue
>>>>> >hidden in one of his stories).

>> Wow!? In what story? Is it in Corto Maltese story? I'm a big fan of Pratt
>> also (among dozen other comics artists), so this is really intrigueing. And
>> what is this issue of WDC?

First, thanks to Gilles for this announcement. I missed the previous Rosa story (and it's such a
hassle to get back issues from Disney-Hachette I haven't tried, especially since Gemstone will
surely publish it-- in in its glorious, original English version!), but this story I wanted to read

The coloring is indeed of  the "Bleeeeeuuuuuuargh" sort-- especially the sick
brownish-greenish-whateverish thing that recurs throughout.
Also, apparently, they think paper is everything. All of  the blah pages are fne, and the Jw & Daisy
stories are okay. "Gyro's First Invention" is so-so, though, and the other stories (2 Barks & L&T
Chapter 11) are poorly reproduced (relatively, that is: they are readable); given the
state-of-the-art technical means that are available today, especially to major print titles,
everything should be clear & sharp; these stories look somewhat blurred, like photocopies. The
Family Tree looks like a picture of  a poster or a previous publication (soft focus, light

Contents-wise, more stupid pages about utterly non-Disney things-- soccer, movies, pseudo-stars
(several of  whom I don't exactly consider appropriate role-models). The so-called articles on these
are of  an ever-dwindling size; they're the written equivalent of  sound bites: one-short-sentence
Gladstone, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss you! Gemstone, I
bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss you!
I long to hold once again a true Disney comics!

As regards Pratt, the story they mention is "Rhapsodie Tragique", from the "As de Pique" series (The
Ace of  Spades-- I don't know Pratt works), published in the forties and written by Oscar Bionda.
The vigilantes partner, Jimmy, is shown reading a comic; you can easily recognize the cover: WDC&S
Vol 5 # 11, Aug '45 (Donald reading "What to do until the electrician arrives", with a candle on his
Here's a scan (available for a few days):

Best wishes,

(I will read the Gyro story tonight, in bed-- when I'm comfortable and can't be disturbed)

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