Danish ending in calender

Martin Kristensen martinnyg at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 7 14:32:29 CET 2003

>>>Your message is the first notification I've had (not being able to read
Norwegian or much of anything else) that the Norwegian translator took the
words that I thought I was writing exclusively to Finland and translated
them as if I was writing them to Norway. Norway is high on the list of
"world's greatest Duckfans", but I'm afraid they do not quite match those in
Finland. I guess the DON ROSA CALENDARs in Sweden and Denmark had me calling
those countries the "world's greatest Duckfans", too, eh? How insincere I
must be! Typical American!

In the danish calender the december comments ends with: "And while i 
remember. Merry christmas and a happy new year"
So no mentioning in the danish version about anything related to the worlds 
greatest duckfans.

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