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    I was reading several of your stories last night. I hadn't read "Last Sled To Dawson" in a 
while and was looking for the D.U.C.K. in the LEAST obvious place only to find it in the MOST 
obvious, much to my shagrin (it was late and my eyes were threatening a strike). 
   But then two others stumped me. First, one of my favorites, "The Treasure Of The Ten 
Avatars." Now, I think I found it in the first panel, but only the first three letters (in the water 
ripples, yes no?). Somehow the "K" went missing. Then in "Nobody's Business" I couldn't find it 
at all. Maybe I shouldn't look for these things when I'm reading in bed at night, I lost a little 
sleep. Heh.-Dan

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Re: >>>>>I'd like to ask Don Rosa if he continued the DUCK dedications in his
Re: later
Re: stories. I've had real trouble finding any.
Re: I've put the dedications in my stories from the very first one to the
Re: present day, and in all other covers and pin-ups and whatevers starting
Re: about 1990. Now, there have been a few instances when I accidentally left it
Re: out -- my theory is that I placed it during the pencil-stage, but then weeks
Re: later when I entered the inking stage, I breezed right over it without even
Re: noticing it myself, having hid it so well. In any case, there are a very few
Re: instances when it is NOT there, and you shouldn't drive yourself insane
Re: looking for it. But I think it's been years since the dedication did not
Re: appear in one of my stories or covers.
Re: Just name the story in which you can't find the dedication and first I'll
Re: confirm that you should keep looking, then I'll give you some clues, then
Re: I'll flat out spill the beans if you so command.
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