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Sat Feb 8 19:36:47 CET 2003

  Don Markstein was wondering if he created the concept of comic universes in the 1970s.  Sorry, Don, I recall DC referring to their books as the DC universe and included Jerry Lewis in it!

  That's OK, because as we all know, Al Gore invented the Internet!  :-)

What, people are STILL repeating that calumny about Al Gore's claim, after all the times it's been debunked?

Steve, I wish you could recall the source of that reference on DC's part. Aside from the fact that it's hard to rely on memories from a third of a century ago (which is why I'm not claiming I definitely used the word first in that context, but only that it seems likely), there's also the fact that DC's Jerry Lewis title lasted until a year after my article appeared -- so even if your memory is correct, including the Jerry Lewis part, they could still have gotten it from me. (And a couple of people from CAPA-alpha were working at DC then, so the vector isn't at all implausible.)

Please don't misunderstand. I actually WANT a definite citation of an earlier source. I can never prove there isn't one, so the only way I can ever know for sure is if somebody proves there is.

Quack, Don

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