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I prefere it fresh in a mixed sallad.

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> Rob Klein wrote:
> >could Kaalrabi be a type of stuffed cabbage?
> [kohl-RAH-bee ] This vegetable is a member of the turnip family and, for
that reason,
> is also called cabbage turnip. Like the turnip, both its purple-tinged,
white bulblike
> stem and its greens are edible. The kohlrabi bulb tastes like a mild,
sweet turnip. It's
> available from midspring to midfall. Those under 3 inches in diameter are
the most
> tender. Choose a kohlrabi that is heavy for its size with firm, deeply
colored green
> leaves. Avoid any with soft spots on the bulb or signs of yellowing on
leaf tips. Store
> tightly wrapped up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Kohlrabi's best steamed,
but can also
> be added to soups and stews as well as used in STIR-FRY. It's rich in
potassium and
> vitamin C.
> "Time flies like an arrow, cabbage flies like kohlrabi."
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