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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Sun Feb 23 08:25:09 CET 2003

From: mateusz lis (lis- at wp.pl)
Subject: Three Caballeros
>>>>Is this a cover to Don Rosa "Three caballeros ride again"? If it is,
where is D.U.C.K. dedication? And what is this green something behind
the car?

Yeah... the "green something" behind the car is the work of a colorist who
decided the car isn't kicking up a cloud of dust but that Donald just drove
through a great big fluffy bush.
That's nuthin'! I still remember the time they first used my "Treasure Under
Glass" -- in the opening splash-panel the Ducks are on a schooner and in the
distance on the horizon you see a low island and a huge fluffy cloud filling
the sky, probably a cumulus formation. The colorist decided this was a
forest on the small island with 35,000 foot tall trees.
15 years ago I still had lots of hair left on my head.

By the way, just so you know what's going on in a similar situation...
recently this "Three Caballeros Ride Again!" story of mine appeared in ZIO
PAPERONE as did my "Gyro's First Invention" and "Crown of the Crusader
Kings"... meanwhile PICSOU and KOMIX both used the Gyro story as well. In
all cases the stories appeared in one part, and in all cases the wrong art
(the serialized versions) was used. I can't figure out why this irritating
and embarrassing error keeps happening to my work. Egmont is saying that
they always supply both versions of my stories to publishers, but I can't
understand why the publisher would then pick the wrong art to use. I'm
trying to ascertain where the fault lies so I can help prevent it in the
future, but no one will acknowledge my inquiries, so I guess this same
aggravation will continue until I'm as bald as a cue ball.

Speaking of problems -- I'm typing this at home. I'm NOT in Boston as Gary
was announcing. Icy, snowy, rainy weather has gripped the eastern half of
the USA for several weeks now, and it hit again yesterday while I was trying
to fly out of Louisville -- flights were cancelled and delayed. The best I
could have done was maybe try again Sunday, get up at 3 AM to get to the
airport to catch a flight and connection to get me to the show at about
noon, which would have been sorta silly since the show would be over a few
hours later. But now there's another inch of snow and ice covering my rural
home here, and I doubt that I'll even be able to get out to my mailbox
by morning. (As it was, Saturday was the first day I left my place in *two
weeks* due to the ice/snow storm in America that was so severe that I
imagine you saw it reported on CNN.) Anyway, I'm not in Boston.
I hope I don't have similar trouble getting to Italia next weekend, but I'm
to be there for over a week, so even if my first flights are delayed there
will be a reason to keep trying the next day.

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