Mirrored covers

H.W.Fluks@telecom.tno.nl H.W.Fluks at telecom.tno.nl
Mon Feb 24 09:47:47 CET 2003


> When I pointed out that the covers on Sigvald's website for
> Return to Xanadu, part 2, were reversed on US 262 compared
> to the Anders And version.  Don Rosa replied that this
> may have been flipped by Gladstone for US 262 so that
> Scrooge would face to the right, instead of left.  Now Sigvald
> has added more covers, and there is another reversed pair,
> "Treasure Under Glass". On US 263, Scrooge is facing to
> the right.  The corresponding Anders And version has Scrooge
> facing to the left.   So this second example supports Don's
> reason why he thinks Gladstone flipped these covers.

Note that both comics were published by Disney Comics, not by Gladstone.
That may also be the reason that Gary (Gladstone editor) doesn't remember flipping these!

And Stefan is right: lots of covers that were drawn for Egmont were mirrored even in their first print in Scandinavia!
(I'm talking about any covers, not necessarily Rosa covers.)


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