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Mon Jan 6 21:47:12 CET 2003

> Eero-Pekka Halinen wrote:
> >>>> I have a feeling that someone here doesn't appreciate typos...
> Don writes:
> Oh, please.
> In my many travels, in my daily e-mail correspondence with every country in
> Europe so extensive that it would boggle your imagination, I constantly 
> make
> it abundantly clear, I constant go out of my way to mention how much I
> *admire* all the Europeans who speak and write more than one language...
> sometimes three or four. Me, who can barely speak and write ONE
> Way to go Don!
> Many of feel this same way.
> To speak or write in more than one language is extremely difficult to learn
    especially  if you do not start at an early age.
I am sure Don meant to say " I constant(LY) go out of my way...:-)
Sorry Don!

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