Unknown relatives - or just bad translation?

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 7 20:00:22 CET 2003



>>> "Return to Xandu" is published twice in Norway.
>>> In panel 1 on page 15 Scrooge speaks to a little
>>> girl in Trallala. In the first edition from 1991
>>> Scrooge says that as a young boy in Scotland he
>>> used to help his *cousins* repairing their dolls.
>>> In the second edition from 2001 Scrooge says that
>>> he used to help his *sisters* repairing their dolls.

Here's the original dialogue (U$ 261, Dec '91-- time flies):
"Hm! I DO recall helping kids fix broken dolls on my last visit! I used to fix my two sisters' dolls
back home in Scotland when I was your age!"

Hmm. Maybe I'll read "Xanadu" again tonight...


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