Rosa/Leach and Rota in Holland H.W.Fluks at
Wed Jan 22 16:45:56 CET 2003

This month's Dutch DONALD DUCK EXTRA prints two Rosa 2-pagers, written by
Gary Leach. This is interesting, because at first I thought one of them (AR
107) would be untranslatable: "I've been catching up with my reading".
But the Dutch were inventive enough: the Dutch translation ("ik ben achter
de feiten aangelopen") translated back as "I've been running after (or
behind) the facts". A similar expression, thought about facts in stead of
(Especially in these Dutch election times, "facts" and "news" are two
completely different concepts...8-)

BTW, that DONALD DUCK EXTRA also prints a fine Rota story (S 72108, "Swim
For Glory But Save The Cash"), taken from ZIO PAPERONE #130. My only problem
with that story is that nearly all border lines look ugly. Probably the
Italians restored this 4-tier version from the 3-tier version that was
published before in Italy.
Anyway, we Dutch now have this nice story thanks to the ZIO PAPERONE people
(Luca Boschi & co)!

One other unrelated thing: today I bought an extra copy of OOM DAGOBERT
album 68 (all-Rosa contents), for a friend in the USA. The shop's ticket
shows the text "Strips voor volwassenen" ("Comics for grown-ups", or "Adult


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