Jack, check out Gemstone announcement(link)

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Fri Jan 31 13:41:06 CET 2003


Go here:
<A HREF="http://www.gemstonepub.com/">http://www.gemstonepub.com/</A>
for an announcement from December 11 from Gemstone about the resumption of 
publication.  Four titles by the end of 2003.  Also, check the thread for 
these postings for a link posted by me a few days ago which mentions the 
first book being a freebie to be distributed on May 3 (Free Comic Day)

Message threads found at <A HREF="http://stp.ling.uu.se/~starback/dcml/index.html">http://stp.ling.uu.se/~starback/dcml/index.html</A>

Now for the real problem of the day: isn't "krokket" Norwegian for croquet, 
the yard game played in Alice in Wonderland?  Just guessing...

Steve Hanson
Austin TX
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